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Vacuum – Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

When it comes to food processing, vacuum solutions are employed for rapid cooling and degassing of foods to shorten processing times, save energy, improve shelf life and product transportation.  We offer a broad range of vacuum products to meet the challenges of today’s food and beverage process industries, including pumps with leading-edge dry pump technology.

Common Applications for Food & Beverage

Freeze Drying

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, vacuum drying is more energy and time efficient compared to heat, drastically reducing processing times.

Chiller and Cold Storage

Vacuum pump solutions for HFO & HFC systems, ammonia chillers, refrigeration systems, lithium bromide absorption, commercial/industrial chillers, cold storage, rooftops/RTU’s.


Vacuum packaging is the technique of removing air from a pack prior to sealing. Its principal purpose is to remove oxygen by pulling the packaging material into intimate contact with the product. 

Dairy Milking and Milk Transfer

Vacuum pumps designed for commercial dairy milking 12 to 18 hours a day with regulated vacuum levels which allows for cow comfort milking with a high yield. 

Botanical Oil Extraction

Vacuum pumps with a higher flow for faster processing, deep vacuum for higher purity, chemically resistant for long service interval and oil-free for low maintenance.

Find the right pump for your application

Dry Rotary Screw

Dry Rotary Screw pumps offer clear, measurable advantages in a wide variety of applications.

Edwards EDS

Dry Rotary Screw Pump


Edwards GXS

Dry Rotary Screw Pump


Edwards EOSi

Dry Rotary Screw Pump


Dry Claw

Dry claw pumps are ideal for applications that require low maintenance and increased process compatibility.

Edwards EDC

Edwards EDC Dry Claw Pump


Direct Drive Rotary Vane

Rotary vane direct drive vacuum pumps provide a reliable vacuum source for a variety of food & beverage products.

Edwards nES

Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pump


Welch CRV

Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pump


Belt-Drive Rotary Vane

Belt-drive rotary vane pumps are similar to a direct drive rotary vane pump but driven by a belt. 

Welch 1400

Belt-Drive Rotary Vane Pump



Diaphragm pumps operate fully oil-free and do not have any sliding components in the gas path.

Welch BTPro40

Botanical Vacuum Pump


Welch BTPro170

Botanical Vacuum Pump


Liquid Ring

Liquid ring vacuum pumps, also known as water ring vacuum pumps, work with a service liquid such as water or oil to operate the pump.

Edwards ELRi

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


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