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Our Solutions + Service


Peerless Engineering manufactures central vacuum systems, oil-less compressed air systems and hydraulic power units. The primary benefit of Peerless systems is low whole-life cost. A benefit appreciated by those who use and maintain our systems. We readily admit we are not successful with buyers who emphasize low initial capital cost with little regard for low whole-life cost. This benefit is well understood by all Peerless employees involved in the manufacturing process. In other words: We don’t know how to build crap.


Manufactured for hospitals and laboratories these systems typically have two or three pumps, a galvanized storage receiver and automatic control panel. Vacuum pumps are usually oil lubricated vane type or oil-less claw type. Oil-less air compressors are used where any risk of oil in the compressed air is unacceptable. Peerless central vacuum and oil-less compressed air system are installed primarily in British Columbia universities, hospitals and laboratories.


Peerless Engineering manufactures high quality hydraulic power units. A primary benefit of Peerless hydraulic power units is low whole-life cost.

Manufactured for a wide variety of factory motion control requirements, Peerless hydraulic power units range in size from small reservoir, one horsepower gear pump units to units with large, 1000-gallon, reservoirs and multiple 100 horsepower axial piston pumps.

When designing hydraulic power units, it is very important to fully specify the motion control requirements. If the motion control speeds, forces and positional accuracy required are not well specified the power unit is either under designed and never works properly or is over designed resulting in a higher than necessary whole-life cost.

Peerless hydraulic power units are installed in manufacturing plants throughout North America.


When you need a compact space saving hydraulic system solution, Peerless custom hydraulic valve manifolds offer significant advantages to keep you way ahead of your competition. These advantages include: expert manifold design engineering- latest computer aided design and manufacturing technology- compound angle drilling for extremely compact design, fewer leak points and more efficient flow paths. Plus Peerless can deliver with extremely short lead times.


Peerless Engineering employs highly trained and experienced service personnel to provide in-shop repairs for all products or systems we distribute or manufacture. We also provide start-up assistance and field service for our hydraulic, air and vacuum systems.