At Peerless Engineering, we pride ourselves in the manufacture and distribution of the highest quality, performance-proven systems and components. In our endeavor to provide the best to our customers, we have developed five main product lines that can drive your machinery performance needs: Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Vacuum, Electronics, Aluminium Structural Frame and Bulk Material Handling.


Peerless Engineering provides hydraulic systems and components for both industrial and mobile markets. These are manufactured either by our company or come from our long partner list of highly reputable manufacturers of the best performing hydraulic products and accessories. These include hydraulic pumps, valves, hydraulic manifolds and hydraulic filters.

We select our partners carefully when we choose what we distribute to you. Whether you want hydraulic accessories, accumulators, couplings, filters, fittings, flow dividers, hand pumps, heat exchangers, hydraulic power units and any other products in this category, we will always have something of the highest quality for you.


Peerless Engineering is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of products based on pneumatic and vacuum technology for industries of all types. We offer a wide range of these components and accessories for your applications. These include vacuum pumps, pneumatic valves, actuators, air boosters, ball valves, compressors, couplings, dryers, cylinders, fittings, gauges, filters (particulate, absorber and coalescing), gas springs, lubricators, mufflers, manifolds, regulators, shock absorbers, relays and many others.


Peerless Engineering distributes electronic components for mobile machinery as well as industrial machinery. Whether it is current monitors, counters, indicating lights, electrical connectors, linear slides, drivers (pump and valve), voltage monitors, relays, programmable controllers, pressure switches, sensors (proximity, inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and limit), vacuum switches and timers, you will be able to find them in our wide selection of electronic components.


Peerless Engineering can provide you with a broad range of aluminium profiles in the form of modular building kits which offer the benefit of reducing the cost of building machines in your company. The item Modular Building (MB) Kit System can be used to build everything from simple machine safety enclosures to fully automated production lines. We also offer ergonomic workbench systems to increase operating efficiency by meeting the technical and physical requirements of your employees.


At Peerless Engineering, we deal in conveyor components for bulk material handling. We provide solutions for all the heavy-duty handling of the material that your industry requires. Our product line includes belt cleaning , impact saddles, wear liners, pulley lagging as well as material containment solutions.