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The Versatility of a Hydraulic Pump

The primary purpose of a hydraulic pump is to pressurize hydraulic fluid in order to operate machinery. This can be anything from farm equipment to aircraft parts. A hydraulic pump can either send fresh fluid through it, known as an open loop system or used fluid which would be known as a closed loop system. Each have their own operational purposes depending on the application or the job that is required to be done.

Although there are a variety of hydraulic pumps available for just about any industrial operation, below are two distinct types of pumps.

Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Pump

More limited to its applications then other hydraulic pumps, this less expensive and simplistic pump maintains a set flow of fluid through the pump. The most basic being a gear pump which sends the pressurized fluid through a set of gears and through the outlet running the basics of machines. Using a set of Archimedes spirals instead of gears, the fluid picks up good pressure as it flows through rotating screws. This allows for a higher flow rate of fluid at a low pressure.

Variable Displacement Hydraulic Pump

Being able to control the rate of flow and the outlet pressure allows this pump to offer a variable drive. It also makes them a little more complex and expensive due to this capability.

Other Higher Efficiency Pumps

Best suited for middle range pressure are the rotary vane hydraulic pumps. Here, pressure is increased from the use of concentric, offset vanes. This is where the working fluid is forced into smaller volumes increasing that pressure. The bent-axis piston and cylinder designed hydraulic pump is most likely the best when it comes to efficiency and output. Built similar to that of a vehicles piston and cylinder engine, it can run at high pressure while maintaining the desired efficiency. Using two cylinders per piston, the double action design of this pump can certainly up the throughput.

Hydraulic pumps are such a versatile piece of equipment. They are available in a large variety of designs for just about every budget and application. Many models can even be paired up to increase output if necessary. With a hydraulic pump, there is no doubt you will get the job done.