How Ultrasonic Sensors Work

Ultrasonic sensors are common parts of many automated factories and other robotic areas of endeavor, in part because they’re easy to understand and in part because they’re easy to use. All ultrasonic sensors have this much in common: they release a pulse of sound too...

Using Inductive Proximity Sensors Even At Range

When you hear the term ‘proximity sensors’, you know one thing right away: whatever you’re sensing, it had better be proximate — as in, close. You Google ‘proximity sensors,’ and you’ll see vast scope of sensing ranges from two millimeters all the way up to…forty...

Know Your Magnetic Field Sensors: Reed, Hall, and Beyond

When you’re dealing with automated pneumatic machinery, having reliable sensors that detect the position of your pistons is an absolute necessity. The most common sensors for accomplishing that goal are magnetic field sensors that sense simple magnets implanted on the...
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