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Vacuum – Chemical & Process

Chemical & Process

We offer a broad range of vacuum products to meet the challenges of today’s chemical and process industries. Proudly partnering with the vacuum pump manufacturers Edwards, Thomas and Welch who focus on technological advancements in vacuum while investing in R&D which enables them to develop the innovative products that meet your specific application requirements.

Common Applications for Chemical & Process


A technique used to gently separate compounds from a liquid by lowering their boiling point with the help of vacuum.

Specialty and Fine Chemicals

Vacuum pumps with a rugged design,  non- contacting dry mechanism. Able to handle organic solvents and compounds in a safe, reliable way with  a reduction of both environmental pollution and cost of ownership.


Advanced taperer screw technology for the pharmaceutical sector, typically covering the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


Safe pumping of hazardous inflammable material for industries that require zero-contamination vacuum environments including aromatics extraction and production of BTX, (benzene, toluene, xylene), LAB, (liner alkyl benzene), styrene, polymer, adhesives and MMA (Methyl MethAcrylate).

Lithium - Ion Batteries

Lithium – Ion batteries are driving the world’s green agenda and high quality reliable vacuum is a critical element in their production.

Transformer Oil Treatment

During transformer operation, voltage, time and heating cause this oil to degrade and lose its properties. The purpose of oil treatment is to remove solid particles in the oil and reduce the amount of water in the oil. 

Flammable and Corrosive Gases

Leading vacuum pumps and pumping systems for safe pumping of hazardous inflammable material. 


Substances that oxidize when exposed to air are typically kept under vacuum in a desiccator to reduce the reaction rate. Vacuum desiccators are used for removing moisture from samples, maintaining a dust- and moisture-free environment, vacuum testing, de-foaming, and storing samples under various atmospheric conditions.

Dewatering and Filtration

Vacuum filtration is used to separate a solid product from a liquid mixture or solvent. Vacuum dewatering is widely used in dewatering of pulverized coal, mineral powder, pulp, alkali, dyes, rubber and cement.

Polymers, Plastics Production and Recycling

Vacuum pumps are widely applied in processing plastics, mainly to extract gases and vapour and operate at lower processing temperatures to manufacture high quality products.

Solar Crystal Pulling

A complete range of dry vacuum pumps, turbomolecular pumps (TMPs) and exhaust management systems for photovoltaic manufacturers.


Reliable, durable and efficient vacuum pumps play an important role in biofuel production. 

Drying, Evaporation, Crystallization, Concentration

Fine chemicals production demands the highest purity, achieved through drying, distillation and crystallization. Advanced vacuum technology will help you to meet your purity targets, with high efficiency and total reliability.

Gas Recovery

The process of oil and gas recovery (collection, desorption and recovery) is often equipped with a vacuum system. It can reduce oil and gas pollution and potential safety hazards, and can reduce oil consumption and increase efficiency. 

Solvent Recovery

Solvent recovery systems use the process of distillation, which separates volatile and nonvolatile solutions in a solvent. By lowering their boiling point with the help of vacuum  the vapors are condensed back into liquid in a separate tank.

Find the right pump for your application

Chemical Dry Screw

Dry Screw chemical vacuum pumps are suitable for fine chemical, pharmaceutical, and a wide range of other chemical applications.

Edwards EDS

Dry Rotary Screw Pump


Edwards CDX1000

Dry Rotary Screw Pump


Liquid Ring

Liquid ring vacuum pumps, also known as water ring vacuum pumps, work with a service liquid such as water or oil to operate the pump.

Edwards ELRi

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump


Direct Drive Rotary Vane

Rotary vane direct drive vacuum pumps provide a reliable vacuum source for a variety of chemical applications.

Edwards RV

Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pump


Edwards EM

Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pump


Edwards E2M

Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pump


Welch CRV

Direct Drive Rotary Vane Pump


Belt-Drive Rotary Vane

Belt-drive rotary vane pumps are similar to a direct drive rotary vane pump but driven by a belt. 

Welch 1400

Belt-Drive Rotary Vane Pump


Dry Scroll

Dry scroll vacuum pumps eliminate the possibility of oil contamination in the vacuum system or in the environment around the rotary pump.

Edwards Dry Scroll

Dry Scroll Vacuum Pump


Dry Claw

Dry claw pumps are ideal for applications that require low maintenance and increased process compatibility.

Edwards EDC

Edwards EDC Dry Claw Pump


Rotary Piston

A rugged vacuum pump commonly used in aerospace, vacuum degassing, evacuation, metal drying, and vacuum impregnation.

Stokes 212J

Rotary Piston Pump



Diaphragm pumps operate fully oil-free and do not have any sliding components in the gas path.

Welch 2014 DryFast

DryFast Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 


Welch MPC 601 T

Diaphragm Vacuum Pump 


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