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Applications Of a Vacuum Pump

In short, a vacuum pump is a device that removes gas particles from inside a sealed container so that the air pressure falls below atmospheric pressure 14.696 psi or 1013.25 mbar ( 760 Torr). After exploring the different features associated with this technology, various types of such instruments began to exist. Scientific and technological innovation research led to the development of many industrial vacuum applications such as sewage treatment systems, automobile , pharmaceutical, food and beverage processes. A more recent industrial application has vacuum pumps playing an important role in the new technology of cannabis oil extraction and an important component on plant oil extraction equipment. Vacuum pumps are used in both Ethanol and C02 extraction processes. Vacuum pumps also are used by Hydro Electric companies for transformer oil removal and cleaning.

Other applications include vacuum technology for paper and sugar plants, tight coupling for the plastics industry and brewer bottling plants. For sterilizers, extruder ventilation and calibration tables, evaporators and mixing. Chemical , pharmaceutical industry, cement, fertilizer and sewage treatment chemical processes.

Vacuum pumps are widely used in medical applications for radiation therapy and radiation surgery. Even many medical devices work on the principle of vacuum creation.

The aircraft industry uses gyroscopes and many other instruments and pressure measurement equipment.
Glass coatings and decorations can be archived using vacuum.

Freeze-drying equipment use vacuum pumping and heating to treat foods for long periods of time.

With the adoption of new technologies, the scope of vacuum technology has greatly increased, and many instruments and machines use vacuum in all or part of their systems to perform vital operations.

There are a broad range of vacuum pump technologies: oil sealed rotary vane , liquid ring, dry vacuum pumps such as claw , scroll , screw and diaphragm. As well as mechanical boosters, turbomolecular pumps, and UHV pumps.

There are vacuum pumps for rough vacuum 1000 mbar to 1 mbar (below atmospheric pressure) and all the way down to < 10 -10 mbar.